Week of Good Stories–Rio Lina American Legion & North Highlands Memorial Day Parade

Published On June 1, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Shooting News

This is a continuation in my “Week of Good Stories” series–stories that I have done just over the course of a week.

In the news business it’s often said–it’s old, but true–that you’re only as good as your last story.

That being true, I wish every week could be like this past one!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, as I write this, and the time when news organizations do stories–or should–about America’s veterans and the importance of service and recognizing those who have.

This was the first time that I worked with KCRA morning anchor Toni Valliere. It was a story where I felt the need to break away from my “active camera” style of all-handheld and natural light. This one needed some lighting and careful composition.

As I approached it, I thought of how CBS Sunday Morning, the best show on television in my estimation, would approach it.

The story was shot in the middle of the week. I edited it on Friday morning, before going out with Michelle Dapper to do the Grant Union H.S. drumlins story.

So, in a way, that Friday was a double-header!

Everyone involved with the Rio Linda American Legion Post 521 was terrific, by the way. A great organization.

The last note: I brought along my Canon 7D with the super-wide Tokina 11-16mm lens for a few shots, just to add a little hyper-dynamism.


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Mike Carroll joined the digital revolution in 1999 with a Sony TRV900 camcorder and Final Cut Pro, when it was only Final Cut Pro and not version 2, 4 or a Suite.

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  1. Glenda Schultz says:

    Thank you Mike. Great work.

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