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Published On June 24, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | GoPro, KCRA-TV, Shooting News

Most of my posts are about stories that I do one-man/1-person/as a reporter-photographer.

This is one of those exceptions. I’m posting this story to show how well a reporter and photographer can work together as equal collaborators, both bringing their best to the same story.

I also have to make commendation of this reporter, KCRA‘s new morning anchor Toni Valliere (@KCRAToniV), a vibrant and talented journalist.

This story is about an organization called A Touch of Understanding, which brings together people with various types of disabilities, and take them to schools to introduce Young students to people with disabilities and to give them a more educated awareness about them. To let the students know that they are just people, the same as them, only with their own differences, which they were either born with or which happen to them and life, and are completely beyond their own control.

Touch of Underrstanding GOPRO 3

I am also posting this story, for the photography/filmmaking aspect, because this story demonstrates just how much more visually dramatic the story was made by by incorporating the GoPro 3+ into it as an A-Camera–meaning as a first string camera and not as a gimmicky back-up.

Touch of Underrstanding GOPRO 7

Getting the GoPro in close on faces and down low, on the ground-level or at eye-level with the elementary grad students, enhanced this story.

Touch of Underrstanding GOPRO 4

So many news stories are shot from the eye-level of adults. That’s fine when the story is about adults, but when it’s about younger people (I don’t want to use the term “children”) or about animals, as many of my recent stories have been–it makes such a huge visual impact to have the camera down at the level from which they see the world.

Touch of Underrstanding GOPRO 8

 The GoPro footage just pops!!! The clarity and crispness. And the range of exposures it handles, where you get detail in shadow areas, yet the sky will be exposed down, the sky is blue and not a blown out white. I don’t know how they do that.

Touch of Underrstanding GOPRO 1

I am getting close to the stage of doing an entire TV news story shot on the GoPro. It will mostly likely have to be something that I will shoot on my own on my day off. But I shall keep you posted.

Would love to shoot it on a 4K GoPro.


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