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Published On September 15, 2016 | By Mike Carroll | GoPro, KCRA-TV, Shooting News

I love photographing the American flag. I find it deeply moving. I’ve always enjoyed filming Memorial Day and the 4th of July. I just find the American flag to be very important, personal, and that it belongs to everybody.

9-11 is another story. I still can’t believe it’s been fifteen years ago. And I sill find it hard to look at the footage of the World Trade Center towers collapsing.

But for several years now this tragic event has been beautifully commemorated on a vacant field in West Sacramento, with the permission and blessing of the City of West Sacramento.

Creator of the memorial, John Vinson has posted a flag for every person who died on that horrible day, both in the Twin Towers and on the planes. He has now also added flags to commemorate those lives taken from us at San Bernardino and Orlando.


This was a news story shot on Saturday morning, September 10, 2016, with KCRA anchor/reporter Leticia Ordaz (@KCRALeticia). I am posting it here, both because she did such lovely work in telling the story, and to highlight how much more spectacularly — and intimately — the story was made by incorporating the GoPro Hero 3+ to get in close to the flags, bot full-sized and miniature, and capture and convey their beauty.

I have found that there is almost no story that the GoPro does not enhance and make more dynamic.


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