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Published On June 8, 2017 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories

I love doing stories about young people and education. (Perhaps encouraging students to show more interest in school than I ever expressed!) And I most especially love working on stories about young female students because I don’t think there is enough emphasis made on girls and studying and making a difference in their future lives.

Microsoft’s Digigirlz project is an effort by Microsoft to partner with schools for two-day workshops targeted at 12 and 13-year-old girls–in 7th and 8th grade–before they get into high school–to stress the importance of studies in S.T.E.M.–Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

The computer and technology fields are still disproportionately male-dominated. Microsoft is trying to shift that through Digigirlz.

This workshop took place over two-days in March at Sacramento State University–another important element of the Digigirls project–to take them out of their “middle school” environment and introduce them to the world of a college campus. This is where Digigirlz wants these 7th & 8th grade students to be in another four or five years.


This story originally aired in March, and was expanded for KCRA-3’s Common Ground news magazine program. Below is the original evening news story.


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