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Published On June 23, 2017 | By Mike Carroll | Uncategorized

We just passed the summer equinox, the longest days of the year, which in Sacramento, also typically brings some of the hottest days of the year. A week and a half of 100-110° furnace-like temperatures. The hot weather is the first thing everybody is talking about. TV news covers the weather, so—as with rain, snow and frigid temperatures—the heat and heat-related stories lead the news.

There are the obvious stories—cool shelters for people and families to escape to during the high temperatures of the day, concerns about pets, concerns about over exertion, etc.

I was asked to try to find some heat related stories and went to Google. I called up some swimming pool maintenance companies to see if they were overworked and was told that with so many swimming pools in California, and more and more going in all the time, that they are always overworked. I tried a few more businesses, all with similar responses, that they were busy but would be busy anyway.

Then I looked up ice cream trucks and found a listing for a family-owned ice cream truck and found The Meltdown Ice Cream Truck run by husband and wife Mike and Yolanda Bradley. Their truck cruises neighborhoods in the evenings selling ice cream, and is also called by businesses to come during times of the day for their employees, and for parties and other occasions.

There was the added hook that Mike Bradley is also at Sacramento police officer who works the graveyard shift—driving around in a police squad car at night, keeping the city safe, and driving The Meltdown Ice Cream Truck by day, keeping the city cool.

TheBradleys were not available on the day that I called them, but they had an event scheduled the next day that I was welcome to come and cover, which worked out just fine—the heat wasn’t going to go anywhere for a while.

For more information you can find The Meltdown Ice Cream Truck through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/themeltdownicecreamtruck/

Thanks to Mike and Yolanda and their daughter Emily, and to Capitol Signs & Graphics  on Elvis Avenue for letting me join them during their ice cream break.

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