KCRA Thanksgiving at Sutter Children’s Center

Published On November 23, 2017 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

In keeping with my own personal Holiday Tradition, I have volunteered to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

This was Day One of Three.

In advance I sent out e-mails to my managers at KCRA requesting that in return for working all three holidays I be permitted to work one-man/one-person and turn in a same-day reporter-photographer story.

My request was granted!

The assignment–to cover a Thanksgiving Dinner being fed at Sutter Children’s Center, the pediatric hospital of Sutter Health. But this was different–it wasn’t being provided by the hospital but by two parents, Lindsey & Donovan Souca, out of gratitude for the many surgeries performed over the past for years for their only-child, Zoey.

Spiderman (HeartOfaHero.org) with Zoey Souca.

Shooting was easy & wonderful. Everyone was happy to talk to me–which, when you’re in a children’s hospital is a delicate thing.

I had expected this story would run in the 6 O’Clock News on KCRA, where it’s okay to run long–2 minutes or so. But on arriving back at the station at 1:15, I was told that our news was at 4:30 and to keep it to 1:30-minutes.

So now I not only lost 90-minutes of logging-writing-editing time, I also had to condense!!!!

But I asked for this. So I just had to do it.

The advantage to a story like this and how I work is that I shoot lots of short interviews and want the people in the story to talk and tell the story–their story–as much as possible.

The biggest struggle for me was keeping the story tight. Even with my approved script, it still was pushing 2-minutes, so I had to tighten & drop. But such is the nature of same-day reporting.

Bottom line: Get it on the air as best as you can.

And the dayside executive producer was thrilled with how the story turned out. It is posted above, so you decide for yourself.

Now–Will I get the chance to do this again on Christmas & New Years?

Stay Tuned . . . . . . . .

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  1. JYJames says:

    Lovely story. And a visit from Spiderman!

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