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Published On January 6, 2018 | By Mike Carroll | KCRA-TV, Mike's TV News Stories, Shooting News

The annual KCRA Blood Drive for Life is underway.

KCRA partners with Blood Source every year to raise awareness for the need for blood donations and to fill the local Blood Source blood bank with a good supply to start the new year out on a good footing.

We cover this story every year with live shots in our morning, noon, afternoon and early evening newscasts, which truly do bring in people who start their day off with our early morning coverage.

Just listen to the first sound bite in the story to confirm this!

I have worked on these live shots and stories for as far back as I can remember (which is getting less and less) and volunteered to be a part of the live shot crew again this year.

But I volunteered for an added duty this time around . . .

I did the KCRA end-of-day package.

For all the years I have been working live shots at the Blood Drive for Life, in-between our live shots, we shoot B-roll and record interviews and feed them back to the station throughout the day, where one of the anchors then write up a package for broadcast in the 10 & 11 o’clock news and for the morning news wrapping up the day’s event and promoting the second day of the blood drive the following day on Saturday.

This year I offered to do that package, shooting it in-between the live shots I was doing at the top of the hour for the news updates, and then writing and editing it together during my in-between time in the afternoon. Then the 10 o’clock news would have entirely new material.

Offer accepted!


My Angle On The Blood Drive Story: Focus on the Donors & Recipients

Having worked on & put together a number of these stories with reporters over the years, covering the people donating and why and how often and the statistics and where the blood goes —- I wanted to narrow my take on the story I wanted to do.

The facts, figures, numbers & needs are all vitally important — but that’s all information that the anchors could provide in the lead-in to the story & the tag-out at the end.

I wanted to my 90-100 seconds of my story to focus on the people there giving blood–and why. As well as the people who have received blood donations and how it saved their lives.

The human faces. The human stories.

I love facts & figures — and there are some in this story! — But I want to keep it all human & personal.

17-year-old Macey Goetzel, there to donate for the second time, because when she was an infant she needed some blood in order to stay alive. And now she is grown up and healthy and normal — and giving back.

I could have done the whole story just about her.

My Take On “Storytelling” — I want to let the people in front of the camera tell their own story

But it’s the human story that humans react to & can get emotional about & care about & motivate them to do the same.

This is why I approached this story in this way. Focusing on just a few people who were there and why.

Because I believe that everybody has a story. It may seem common place and ordinary to them, and maybe unimportant. But when someone else hears it, that human experience can influence someone else, give them something new to think about, look at their own life–and the lives of their family around them–in a new & different way.

I look upon my role in “storytelling” in news & nonfiction as creating a framework for people to tell their own stories & I structure them into a compelling presentation for someone else to hear, relate to, become interested in, and relate to.

A Day’s Work

It kept me busy, but I brought my laptop in and set up on an unused desktop in the back of the blood drive, being held at the Roseville Sports Center, put on my headphones and logged, wrote, edited & fed back.

My congratulations and admiration and everyone who participated in giving blood. I never have, but want to do that this year. It only comes to mind on the blood drive days, but I have concerns about giving blood and having to move around with the news camera right afterward.

Soon though.

Kim & Macey Goetzel — 2 delightful people who appear to have a wonderful mother-daughter relationship.



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