Bonnie’s Greyhounds – My Wife’s New Site On The Web

My wife Bonnie’s passion for our greyhounds Alex and Ava, and for our first greyhound Lola, is so full and deep. She has fallen head over heels for this breed. Now that she is fully retired she has taken to sharing her time to fostering greyhounds that need a little bit more socialization (and manners) before they can be adopted into their forever homes. She has written beautiful and lengthy e-mail updates about the progress of these dogs, as well as anecdotes about antics that our pair will do, and many times these tales have wound up in the Greyhound Friends For Life newsletters and on their website. I thought it would be good for Bonnie to have her own site to blog about our dogs and the many unique things she has learned about the breed and how to raise them healthier, such as through the raw food diet of uncooked meat and vegetable that they are now on, as well as the progress and improvements of the greys that we foster.

Sunday mornings we usually have coffee and read the paper in bed. This Sunday they wanted to hang in the living room. Bon shares her cup of French Roast & Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee with big boy Alex.

With some great help from her daughter Lori’s boyfriend and IT-tech guru Paul, Bonnie’s Greyhounds has been up for a few weeks now. Bonnie is gradually adapting to the new process of writing and publishing directly onto the web for the whole world to see. I think she’s off to a great start. She’s taking to it much faster than I did in the beginning.

Please check out the site and subscribe or drop her a note. I, for one, am very curious about just how far she can take this. I believe a website is a wonderful opportunity for sharing your discoveries and stimulating other people who share your similar interests. Who knows where it can go. Hope to see your notes and comments on her site in the future.

The doggified living room. We remodeled our house to have a modern, minimalist design. Then we got greyhounds. What were we thinking???

Lucky, the 5 year-old we're fostering. What a great boy he is. And, boy, does he love a soft sofa!

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