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This is a film that I thought was lost. Gone. I had a digital file of it on one of my external hard drives that crashed. Since I had it on a hard drive I’d...

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Mike & dogs 4-22-2013 112

Thinking about making a new film

April 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve been wrapping up the final tweaks and layouts for the newly revised Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000-$6,000 Or Less...

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Kelley DuHain in an image from a concept film for a future project. (My next film? Even I don't have the answer for that.)

Making a “Concept Film”

March 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

In my book Naked Filmmaking (both the first edition and the newly revised edition now out on Amazon) I stress the value of trying out ideas for a movie in a “Concept Film.” When starting...

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Following on the heels of posting my first dramatic feature-length film Year up on Vimeo a short while ago, I am now following that with my very first full-length film Dog Soldiers: The Dogumentary. You...

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Nightbeats will premiere in Los Angeles in The Method Fest Film Festival on Saturday, March 27 at 9:15 PM. From the time that Bonnie and I set out to make this movie I wanted it...

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