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NIGHTBEATS is my second feature-length narrative film and what I have been working on since 2006. It is a contemporary noir set in the after-midnight world of lost souls and secret pasts.



Lori Foxworth Bonnie Bennett Kelly Nixon
Anthony D’Juan David Harris
Francesca “Kitten” Natividad as “Lola”
Galen Howard Julianne Gabert Blair Leatherwood
Jackie Schultz Thom Green Brian Rivera

Background Actors Casting Leslie Goodman
Assistant Director – Club Scenes Jeri Hibbs
Production Assistants Christian Ruz Cabrera Deanne Rotta
Blood FX Makeup Tobija A. Annis

Dedicated to Bob Fosse Sam Peckinpah
Hal Ashby & Haskell Wexler

Music Consultant, Arrangements & Piano David Blanchard

Music Park Avenue Music

Post Production Audio & Special Sound Design Jimmy Bell
Producers Bonnie Bennett Mike Carroll
Writer-Director-Cinematographer-Editor Mike Carroll

Contact : Mike Carroll

Post Audio Mixed at 3rd Bedroom Studios

Additional Music:

“Too Late For Your Soul”
written by Lindsay Matheson and CJ Gladstone
performed by Roses on Her Grave

“So Happy”
written and performed by Dirty Kings
from their album Electric Dirt on Barnburner Records

Buy: iTUNES or or PAYPAL from www.dirtykings. com


Copyright 2009 The Garage Filmworks

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“Nightbeats” Reviewed in L.A.

March 31, 2010 | 0 Comments

I mentioned that among the audience at the Nightbeats screening at Method Fest was a writer. He was Steve Milner, the senior writer for BelAir Magazine, based in Beverly Hills, California. He said his write...

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“Nightbeats” Unreels at Method Fest

March 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Had a full Saturday of Method Fest at Calabasas, and exploding community just west of the San Fernando Valley. This was a sleepy little town in the Augora Hills up to just a few years...

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Team “Nightbeats” in LA

March 27, 2010 | 0 Comments

Hit the road yesterday to drive south to Los Angeles and Calabasas for the Method Fest Film Festival and tonight’s (Saturday, March 27) screening of Nightbeats in The Founders Hall. It was a beautiful drive....

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“Nightbeats” Trailer

March 19, 2010 | 2 Comments

Attaching the Nightbeats trailer (1:18 minutes), playing at the Method Fest a week from tomorrow on Saturday, March 27 at 9:15 PM at the Founders Hall. Method Fest is screening from DigiBeta tapes at this...

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It was 10:15 at night here in Sacramento when the phone rang. “Hey, it’s Lori.” “Lori? It’s after one in the morning in New York? What’re you doing still up?” I passed the phone to...

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Nightbeats will premiere in Los Angeles in The Method Fest Film Festival on Saturday, March 27 at 9:15 PM. From the time that Bonnie and I set out to make this movie I wanted it...

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