The Garage Filmworks

Lori Foxworth   Bonnie Bennett   Kelly Nixon   Anthony D’Juan   David Harris
and Francesca “Kitten” Natividad as “Lola”
Galen Howard   Julianne Gabert   Blair Leatherwood   Jackie Schultz   Thom Green   Brian Rivera

Background Actors Casting   Leslie Goodman
Assistant Director – Club Scenes   Jeri Hibbs
Production Assistants   Christian Ruz Cabrera Deanne Rotta
Blood FX Makeup  Tobija A. Annis
Dedicated to   Bob Fosse   Sam Peckinpah   Hal Ashby & Haskell Wexler
Music Consultant, Arrangements & Piano   David  Blanchard
Post Production Audio & Special Sound Design   Jimmy Bell
Producers   Bonnie Bennett   Mike Carroll
Writer-Director-Cinematographer-Editor   Mike Carroll

Contact :   Bonnie Bennett  Mike Carroll

Post Audio Mixed at 3rd Bedroom Studios

Additional Music:

Park Avenue Music

“Too Late For Your Soul” written by Lindsay Matheson and CJ Gladstone performed by Roses on Her Grave

“So Happy” written and performed by Dirty Kings from their album Electric Dirt on Barnburner Records Buy: iTUNES or or PAYPAL from www.dirtykings. com


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