Mike news 1-3-2015

KCRA The 2015 Running Season Begins!

January 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

Saturday, January 3, 2015. The first weekend day of the new year. It’s a Saturday so, of course, I’m working. And Saturdays are typically short-staffed, like every workplace, so I will typically be given a couple of short & simple assignments to run around town and pick up that will help to fill up the...

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KCRA Restaurants 1

KCRA Restaurants Optimistic for 2015

January 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

On Christmas Day last week I just wanted to go out and do one of my own packages. I started out this New Year’s Day by continuing that holiday spirit and texting the KCRA assignment desk requesting to do the same. I like doing stories that have a business/economic theme. That makes them more of a hard news story and tends...

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News is a 24/7 business. No matter what day of the week, month, year, holiday, whatever — the show must go on. In the 31 years I’ve been shooting TV news I’ve had Christmas day off five or six times. It’s just a given and goes with the territory. If you don’t want to work...

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Just as with Christmas shopping at the mall every year, from Black Friday after Thanksgiving — or nowadays even ON Thanksgiving — and all the way through to the end of December after-Christmas sales, if you’re working in TV news you are going to be covering Christmas shopping. Another story that I’ve been covering since...

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It’s late in December, which means that in TV news you’re going to be doing a lot of stories about Christmas shopping, food & toy collection drives, giveaways to the needy, not to mention snow and rain and storms and road coverage and more. Stories that everybody has seen every year in the past on...

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I am a fanatic about editing and starting a shot on just the right frame — and frames in TV in the U.S. roll at 30-frames-per-second. But in editing, being off by so much as one or two frames can made a difference. When I hear people mention that a story or a film had...

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PTSD Golf 10


November 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

I often tell people that I don’t believe in Heaven, but I do believe in angels. One of the angels who is always looking over me is Melissa Chacon on the KCRA assignment desk. She always has her eyes out for stories that I can turn around as a one-person reporter-photographer. This particular story that...

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In "The Buzz Room" with KCRA anchor Brian Heap. (Formerly of my Wichita station KWCH-TV.)

KCRA Election Night-In “The Buzz Room”

November 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

  Election night is a big deal in TV news stations across the country. At KCRA in Sacramento, California, it is an institution. Once our prime news hours begin at 5 o’clock in the afternoon our local election news coverage, combined with the NBC network coverage of the national scene, goes wall-to-wall until 11:30 or later,...

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[NOTE: This is a post that is in-progress. Posting it early on Monday, September 1, 2014, in the desire to get the story out as soon after it aired on KCRA-TV in Sacramento, California, as possible. Please check back over the next few days as I expand on the story. Thanks for your patience.] Labor...

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(This is part of an on-going series of articles, essays & interviews on the changing face of films & filmmaking. When I first got into the indie film & film festival scene, it was a different world from where independent films, filmmaking and film festivals are now. Unfortunately, I think that an awful lot of...

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4K TVs 3

4K TVs — Now Under $2K

August 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

I’ve been saying for about six months now that we are living in the last days of HD. I now think that UHD and 4K may be here faster than everybody thinks. I’ve predicted that by Christmas 2014 one of the big sellers in electronics/appliances will be 4K UHD TV monitors, and certainly by Super...

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KCRA Word crimes 4

Common Ground – Jarrett Heather – Expanded

August 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

A few weeks ago I posted a same-day news story about Jarrett Heather, the tech guy for the California Department of Food and Agriculture who, in his spare time, made the #1 most-watched music video on Youtube Word Crimes  for Weird Al Yankovic, animating the entire film with Adobe After Effects on his home computer. I...

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Tai Chi 2

Common Ground – Tai Chi in Land Park

August 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

For six or seven years now, since Bonnie and I have gotten into greyhounds, we have been walking our dogs through William Land Park. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful park in Sacramento, and is just a few block from where we live. For several years now we’ve noticed a small group of...

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Mary Healy 1

Sacramento Zoo Director Mary Healy Remembered

August 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

On the afternoon of Friday, August 8, 2014, Sacramento news organizations learned that Mary Healy, the director of the Sacramento Zoo, had died suddenly and unexpectedly the day before. She had been on vacation with her husband off the coast of South America, traveling to the Galapagos Islands, when she suffered a brain aneurysm, followed...

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(Photo by Lance Johnson)

Mike Carroll Day on KCRA-3

August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

As I’ve written here a few times before, I like having the opportunities to do my own stories as a photographer-reporter (or reporter-photographer, which ever way you’d prefer) but sometimes I can go for weeks without either having the story or where there isn’t the staffing available in the KCRA newsroom to be able to...

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(Okay, I’ll admit it–I can be slow to get on the bus at first. I don’t  catch on to some things–or many things–that, as my wife Bonnie has just told me, EVERYBODY already knows about. But I just discovered this information & this site today. I just think this is INCREDIBLY COOL and I want  to...

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What does state worker Jarrett Heather at the California Department of Food and Agriculture do in his spare time? Single-handedly create Weird Al Yankovic’s #1 music video “Word Crimes” on Youtube. In the first week of of the video’s release “Word Crimes” received 11 million views! Making it the Number One most-watched music video on...

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Gentleman's Agreement banner 120


July 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

(This is the first in a series of posts about books that I’m reading. I have never just casually read a book. I’ve always read a book either to learn something from it, as with a nonfiction book, or to study the writer’s style and use of words, as with fiction. (This series will be...

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