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Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000 Or Less

Award-winning filmmaker Mike Carroll guides you through his proven step-by-step process of how to single-handedly make a full-length hour and a half to two hour movie and not go bankrupt or lose your house in the process. Mike has single-handedly produced three feature-length films as a writer-producer-director-cinematographer-sound recordist-editor and had all of his films play on the big screen in film festivals.

In this book he walks you through the process involved in how to write a script for a film that will essentially require no money to make it, then into his unique style of casting, choosing the right camera, locations, filming and lighting, working with actors, microphones and how to record perfect audio, and how to start editing it all. Then how to get it out to film festivals & sell it to the world.

You’ve read all the screenwriting books. Attended the writer’s workshops. You’ve got that great, perfectly-formatted script for your Sundance debut film. Only one problem: nobody will read it. Thousands of scripts arrive in Hollywood every week – never to be heard from again. Stop banging your head against the wall.

Make Your Movie Yourself.

Illustrated with 150 photos – behind-the-scenes and frame blowups from the films themselves. Also including script extracts.

Click here for your copy of Naked Filmmaking. You can also “Look Inside” the book to preview chapters to make sure this is the right book for how you want to make films. You can also read reviews of the book by people who have read it and are applying its information to their own filmmaking.

Nightbeats DVD

Set in the after-hours world of wanderers, lost souls, fantasies and desires. Where dreams have died and nobody sleeps. Inhabited by Mercy (Lori Foxworth), a stripper who’s reaching the end of the road. Too much running, too many men, who can only survive through a haze of drugs. Nick, a detective who once loved Mercy and now wanders the night dispensing his own justice. Dubois (Anthony D’Juan), a writer whose deteriorating vision has driven him into the shadows. Edie (Bonnie Bennett), a nightclub singer who has returned to an old watering hole for one final bow. And a young drifter (Kelly Patton Nixon) who arrives in the night looking for her past. Nightbeats haunts long into the night.

“An unsparing film” (Carla Meyer, Sacramento Bee)

– Audio commentary with actor Anthony D’Juan
– Audio commentary with actor Lori Foxworth and actor-producer Bonnie Bennett
– Audio commentary with filmmaker Mike Carroll
– Making of Nightbeats featurette
– Deleted Scene
– Alternate scenes
– Garage Filmworks Trailers

UNRATED. Suggested Rating: R-RESTRICTED. Not suitable for audiences under 17. Brief Nudity, Sexual Situations, Drug Usage.

Click here to order your DVD of Nightbeats. In addition to standing alone on its own entertainment value, the DVD is loaded with extras: three audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes documentary and alternately edited scenes.

Click here to download Nightbeats to own for only $4.99 or to rent for seven days for just $1.99.

Year DVD

A saga spanning one New Year’s Eve to the following New Year’s Eve in the lives of the Stone sisters. Ava (Bonnie Bennett), a retired singer and her daughter Lana (Kristen Elizabeth) who is making the same mistakes she made as a young woman. Sidney (Christine Nicholson), a restless soul who can’t stay in a relationship for more than a year. Vivian (Carol Miranda), the family caretaker who cannot take care of herself. Gina (Katherine Pappa), the career woman who puts work above her family and daughter (Savannah Swain). And Doris (Hazel Johnson), the matriarch of the clan, for whom this is her final year.

“…the cinematic feat that is Year shares with us captivating scenery, clouds of expression, the revolution of one full year, and the nuanced moments of decision in these characters lives. Based in Northern California and shot over the course of 372 days, Year is a truly independent, remarkably constructed, and exquisitely acted film NOT to be missed.” (Alicia R. Perre-Dowd, San Francisco Independent Film Festival)

“writer-director Mike Carroll’s debut fiction feature…is well-crafted — quite impressively so given a purported minuscule budget — and engrossing… Compact, fast-moving narrative… production values and tech contribs are solid, performances fully credible.” (Dennis Harvey, Variety)?

Mike Carroll, filmmaker of Year: “The filmmakers who inspired and influenced me the most were always the “hyphenates” — the filmmakers who handled many of the jobs that are typically delegated on most films. Artists such as Claude Lelouch and Russ Meyer, writer-producer-director-cameraman-editor-distributors; Stanley Kubrick and Haskell Wexler, writer-producer-director-cameraman; David Lean, Michael Mann, writer-producer-director-editor. Claude Lelouch once said, “You wouldn’t expect an artist to give his brush to someone else.” When I set out to make my own film I chose to make it on the same terms as the filmmakers who had shaped my concepts of cinema, as a “hyphenate,” commanding the viewfinder, the microphones, the imagery and the editing. I could not have made this film without the foundation these artists laid down for me.”

– Audio commentary with filmmakers Mike Carroll and Bonnie Bennett
– Making of Year featurette
– Life Is Just A Party: The Editing & Re-editing of the Party Sequence
– Different versions of New Year’s Eve party sequence
– Garage Filmworks Trailers
Trailers for other Mike Carroll films from The Garage Filmworks.

UNRATED. Suggested Rating: R-RESTRICTED. Under 17 should be viewed with a parent or adult guardian. For Language, Sexual Situations, Adult Themes.

Click here to order your copy of Year, which premiered in the 2006 San Francisco Independent Film Festival. The film has been completely re-edited for this Special Edition DVD, compete with filmmaker audio commentary, behind-the-scenes documentary and scene comparisons showing sequences as they played in film festivals and how they have been re-cut for this DVD release.

Year is currently in the process of being converted for downloads to own for just $4.99 or to rent for seven days for $1.99.

Dog Soldiers: The Dogumentary DVD

New York City is home to eight million people — and over one million dogs. Anyone who owns or has had a dog knows that the highlight of their day is getting out and going for a walk — check out the neighborhood, smell the smells, mark a street lamp or fire hydrant or two. But if your work keeps you out of the house for the better part of the day, what do you do? If you were talking about kids, you’d get a nanny. When you’re talking about dogs, you hire a walker.

Dog Soldiers: The Dogumentary explores the unique relationship New Yorkers have with their canine companions and the professional dog walkers who are hired to exercise and take care for them during the day.

DVD extras include not one but two in-depth audio commentaries by Mike Carroll on his experiences making the film and on the technical aspects of his unique method of one-man filmmaking without a crew. Also included are trailers for other Mike Carroll films from The Garage Filmworks.

Click here to purchase the Dog Soldiers: The Dogumentary DVD. A special and entertaining look into a day in the life of professional dog walkers in New York City. The DVD includes two filmmaker audio commentaries about how I came to enter the Digital Filmmaking Revolution, the learning curves, and my approaches, both technical and ethical, to documentary filmmaking.

Click here to purchase Dog Soldiers as a movie download for just $4.99 or to rent for seven days for just $1.99.

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Actor-author Anthony D’Juan with the very first copy of “Deconstructed.”

Deconstructed – a novel by Anthony D’juan Shelton

Anthon D’Juan Shelton’s first novel reads nothing like the work of a first time novelist. It reads like the prose and storytelling of an old pro. Someone who knows life and words and is natural with letting the story flow out. “Deconstructed” is set in a midtown area that could be in any city. A neck of the urban woods where the young have moved into their first real apartments and are taking their first baby steps into adulthood, with all of its discoveries, pitfalls, sexual awakenings and first acceptances of responsibility. And confusion – youth is wrought with confusion.

It’s a short novel, but dense with ideas and rich with people, places and incidents. I can’t imagine anyone reading this and not help but see slices of their own lives in it.

Shelton’s pages reach out and grab you and keep you soaking them in and turning the page for what comes next. Both visual and internal at the same time. By the time you finish this book you’ll feel that you not only know these characters, but you’ve been around them your whole life. Brave writing, well done. Bravo.

Click here to purchase Anthony D’Juan’s novel Deconstructed.

Killing of Mary Surratt DVD

Boardinghouse owner Mary Surratt was one of four Southern sympathizers who was tried, convicted and executed for conspiring to assassinate President Lincoln. Believed by many to have been innocent, Mrs. Surratt was nevertheless charged with the crime and within two months would swing from the gallows in Washington D.C. Was Mary truly guilty of the crime, or just a busy mother and innkeeper in the wrong place at the wrong time? While the film’s aim is to leave it for you to decide, her story will ultimately remind you of the dangers of mass hysteria, criminal profiling, and trigger-happy vengeance following a national tragedy.

Based in part on Mary Surratt’s defense attorney’s last minute plea to President Andrew Johnson to spare Mrs. Surratt from execution, this critically acclaimed film has been accepted to film festivals across the U.S. It also won BEST SHORT FILM at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival in Sacramento.

Special Features on the DVD include:

1) On Mary Surratt: An Interview with director Chris King
2) Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Photos
3) Sounds of Mary: Scoring the Film with composer Richard Altenbach
4) Real Photos of the Real Prisoners Before Their Execution
5) Actress Mary Beth Barber’s audition
6) Filmmaker Audio Commentary on More Surratt History
7) Filmmaker Audio Commentary on the Making of the Film

Mike Carroll’s review:

Chris and Heather King’s film “The Killing of Mary Surratt” is a bold accomplishment. A short film (26 minutes) that dares to tell the story of Mary Surratt, the only woman who was hung as one of the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. A stunning and audacious achievement in depicting the period, including the assassination and the execution, and being so rich in period and historical detail. Mary Beth Barber as Mary gives a complete and compelling performance, conveying a sense of who Mary Surratt was in a largely non-verbal role. The whole film moves in a series of rich tableau visuals that evoked “The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” and Terence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line.” Director Chris King is obviously a history buff by the attention to detail in every frame. If I hadn’t seen this movie on the big screen at a film festival I would have said that this movie could not be made as a short film and on a short film budget. But what you see on this DVD cannot be called short-filmmaking, but Epic Filmmaking. A film that you can watch again and again — and will want to show and share with your friends.

This is a MUST-SEE film for any Lincoln or Civil War history buff — as well as for any aspiring filmmaker to see how much can be accomplished when you set the bar extremely high for yourself and are able to excited other talented and committed people to come on the journey with you.

Chock full of DVD EXTRAS — behind-the-scenes featurettes on both the historical and the filmmaking aspects, as well as a profile on the composer of the extraordinary music that binds the film. “The Killing of Mary Surratt” is a worthy DVD to add to the collection.

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